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Im a really chill person but i do have a bit of a temper. I love to have fun. Im crazy, wild, silly, loud at times. Im just me and if you dont like it then that sounds like a personal problem : ). Oh yea, i dont smoke at all and i dont really drink like that. I try not to be to blunt because i dont like hurting peoples feelings but if you say some disrespect things about me ill be sure to blow your spot up! #Justsaying. If you want to know more about me then just ask.
HighSchool: Woodside High School
JuniorHighSchool: Philip F Lauer Middle School
ElementarySchool: Evergreen Elementary School
Music: Rap, HipHop, RnB, Soul, Pop, GOSPEL
TV: BGC, Basketball Wives, Jersey Shore, Torchwood, Single Ladies, Keeping up with the Kardashians etc..
Books: The Bible
Sports: Foorball, Baseball
Interests: I love singing, dancing, acting. Basically the arts!
Movies: Insidious, Inception
BestFeatures: My Smile. And um, you look in my picture and tell me.
Dreams: Being a singer

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