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Well, I'm special education student that I have IEP Meeting with the staffs. I live on SSI due to my disabilities and do need someone that I can depend on. Also I used to live on 79 Ace House Farm and have to moved to the big overcrowded city due to my father's death in July 2013.

2017 Updated: Please Read The First Then The Second

I am fullblood pure Hmong and i am a Christian. My past Religion were Shamanism. I have an Asian Accent too.That what make me unique. I'm country girl and not big fan of city type. I like to go hunting, fishing, shooting, going to church, bible studying, take care of my bird, worship night, gambling, party, Collage Cru Club, hangout with my friends, playing video games, and watching movies and tv shows. That's what I do for fun and My hobbies too. Also English is my second language too but I'm trying my best to speak and write in English.

2013 Date: Feel Free To Read And Enjoy
Yes, Angel Is my name. What is your name? Don't have work or go to school at all. and have only few hobbies and goals in life. I'm very Full-Blood Pure who Traditional Old-Fashioned Hmong girl that is practices Hmong Shamanism, Hmong Culture and follow Hmong Beliefs, Rules too. I and my two brothers born and raised in Milwaukee. My rest of family born in Thailand And Laos which in refugees camp and came to America in 1992. They fought in Vietnam War that's in 1975. Laos and Vietnam wanted the Hmong to be dead and genocide too because We were helping the Americans in the Vietnam War. Vietnam War are the secret War that's the Americans did not expose at all. I'm honest, loyal , serious, strict, shy, quiet and not very talkative thought. I am home to take care of my mother that have sick for a long time now. I do play video games but no video game at the moment thought since My brothers took all almost the games and the system too. Yes, I like to read too. am 19 years old and I like to go play Hmong Traditional Instruments hunting, fishing, shooting, ,, take care of my birds , hangout with my friends and family, play Hmong sports , Practices my Hmong Shamanism, and teach other peoples about My Hmong Heritage and everything about My Hmong History too. What is about you? I'm full-blood pure Hmong girl that's follow Traditional Old-Fashioned Hmong Religion and Culture. The religion that's I practice is Shamanism. My Heritage are important to me and it's show my pride too. I have serious, strict, quiet, and shy personality. Oh, I have accent too and English is my second language also. Well, I am not one of modern 21st century girls who like to party a lot, or do whatever these girls did. Anyway, I like to be with my family most of the times that I can laugh, talk with. Most of Boys that I meet and haven't meet who really don't interested or any reason what so ever. Have wide interest of music in Japanese, Korea, Chinese and Hmong. Only have few hobbies and goals too.

What I am looking for

Peoples on here are too picky, not serious at all, and other reasonable situation too. My profile have viewed so many of times and have a few a little messages inbox only.

It's depends on both person for the first date. I'm not open on most of anything due to my Hmong Heritage, Religion and Culture. Well, I think movie, playing video games, dinner or anything like that. By the way, I'm quite serious and don't play games at all since had been encounter peoples who like to play games than rather act serious. No one night stand or hook-up too.